- N. Bond

"...The book has a solid message pushing its readers to think outside of the box and chase after their heart's desires free of inhibitions."

- J. Cross

"... This book hits home on so many levels and helps you put certain things into perspective."

- C. Orelus

"OMG! I love it! It is like a whole meal that was cooked! Bianca wrote about a lot of important things and illustrated well with her stories. The book is so real to me. While reading it, I could see everything that she wrote like I was watching a movie! I can't wait to see the next episode! Plus I learned a lot!"

- R. Guice

"I LOVE IT! I really believe that this book will reach a lot of people who may not otherwise have accss to other self help coaches or motivational speakers. I think that it will resonate with a much broader audience because of how relatable it is."

- N. Long

"I finally got the motivation to finish my business plan and launch my business thanks to this book! It's simple but very helpful!"


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The Believe. Achieve. Imagine. activity book and course was created by me, Bianca Shante from pure passion and creativity. The book was designed from cover to cover using my phone in one hand and a newborn baby in the other! Pure dedication! I wanted to blend together common activities that many would recognize, while also educating so that children could learn while entertaining themselves most times not realizing they’re learning. The course was created around the book to make it more interactive and even more fun for kids! Just like the All Things Positive book and workbook for adults, the activity book covers important topics that are not typically covered in a traditional classroom such as: mental health, positive relationship characteristics and culture, with the goal of building your child’s self esteem and giving the tools needed as they grow through life! To learn more and to register your child, click the button below.

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