I have stayed true to my goal of promoting social, emotional, spiritual and intellectual courage to as many people as possible in different parts of the world through my brand. In a related development, I published a self-help book titled All Things Positive. I recently released a kids program called "Believe. Achieve. Imagine." which is a kids version of the All Things Positive Book with similar goals. I also promote self exploration and development through travel as travel cultivates a growth mindset and enables you to connect with yourself on a different level and fosters a substantial shift in perspective.

I am a socialpreneur that educates and encourages personal development by teaching positivity and perspective transformation, leading to better choices and a better life.

“Live a positive life despite what’s going on within self or the world. Bad things happen to everyone but your response to those things will determine if you sink or sail. Start healing, reconditioning your brain, and focusing on all things positive. You will never have all of your ducks in a row. You sometimes have to gather up the ducks that you do have to move forward.” 

I'm here to help you live in peace and on purpose!

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Live in PEACE and on PURPOSE!

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