I am a phenomenal woman with a huge heart for helping others. I'm a socialpreneur, expert speaker, best selling author, travel agent, founder and brand owner of All Things Positive, Air Force Veteran, wife and mom of an amazing baby boy! I am well versed in many areas with my Associate of Arts (2012), Bachelor of Social Work (2015) where I graduated with honors and as a member of Phi Alpha Honors Society, my Master of Business Administration- Healthcare Management (2020), and a Ph.D in living my best life!!

About Bianca Shante'

I am very passionate on my journey to make a difference both locally and globally. I love to educate others. Due to my creativity, love for freedom and drive to educate on things not taught in the classroom, I learned quickly that I didn’t want to be in a traditional classroom. I wanted to educate and encourage both adults and children other ways, so I took my education, experience, passion for children, travel and mental health and created my own platform becoming a socialpreneur.

I love playing with old film cameras! It's a hobby of mine.

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Over the years I've had the honor of building up hundreds of adults and children and helping them step outside of their comfort zone, gain confidence, build their self image, explore the world through travel and education, and have emboldened many to succeed, whatever that may look like for them. I have been shown that my purpose and passion for helping people worldwide through empowerment, mission work, mentoring and leadership is needed, and God has sent me on assignment to deliver.

I am continuously growing and diversifying my business and brand. There are plans for more motivational and educational tools and programs for both adults and children in the near future. Stay tuned!

I have been a travel agent since 2017, encouraging people to get out and travel since “The best education you will ever get is traveling. Nothing teaches you more than exploring the world and accumulating experiences.” ― Mark Patterson. You learn best through experiences. I realized this as a young child where my love for travel was first ignited. In 2020, the name All Things Positive was born with a self help book and workbook which has grown into a globally known brand that is now trademarked! It was created to bring light, hope and positivity to so many in the midst of a global pandemic where many were hopeless, sad and mentally struggling. In 2022 All Things Positive Kids Collection was launched to educate and encourage children to be the best version of themselves by teaching them how to combat common mental struggles and introducing them to other parts of the world and people around the world. 

I’ve been placed on earth to build people, not places or things

There's no education greater than experiences.

Don't settle for a piece of the pie, go for the whole recipe!

I believe:


mental health


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